About us

Young yet wise.

Polished Brands is a culmination of industry experience with a passion to build brands and the vision to innovate.

While the company is young, the executive team is credited for creating, developing and growing key mass market categories within the Health and Beauty space such as premium hair care, hair sculpting (within styling), men’s grooming, toiletries licencing and more.

Polished Brands has a proven track record in planning, marketing and localising brands both domestically and internationally.

With long standing partner manufacturing facilities across Australia, Asia, Europe and America, Polished Brands takes pride in the capabilities of supplier partners.

Polished Brands is a privately owned company with its head office located in an iconic former starch factory in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

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Our Departments

Operations & Supply Chain

This function makes recommendations to improve productivity, quality and efficiency of operations, in relation to logistics and purchasing inventory, aiming to minimize shortages and keep costs down. Effective supply chain management controls costs and ensures efficiency, from the point of origin of raw materials or components, through the manufacturing process and delivery to the consumer.

Sales & Marketing

Responsible for the management of sales and relationships with customers. Our account managers maintain the company’s existing relationships with a client or group of clients. “Selling”, consists of interpersonal interaction, one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking that you engage in with prospects and customers.  The Marketing function typically manages a product/brand or portfolio of products/brands and provide a first-class service in order to sell and market products.

Accounting & Finance

Our experienced Financial Team oversees the finance and administrative functions of an organisation. This includes forecast/budget creation, processing receipts and payments, preparing daily/weekly reporting metrics and analysis to ensure effective business decisions, preparing month end results for review, business case preparation and analysis, payments and payroll and managing the working capital needs of the business.

Customer Service & Administration

Our Customer Service function assists potential customers by answering product and service questions within 24hours, both inbound and outbound; and suggesting information about other products and services.  Processing orders, prepare correspondence and fulfil customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.  As well as clerical duties which often include basic tasks like answering the phone, photocopying, typing, mail distribution and filing.

Senior Leadership Team

It’s the people that make up Polished Brands that make the company distinctive. Polished Brands attributes much of its success to a highly experienced executive team who work collaboratively to ensure the best success for each and every brand.

Meet the Senior Leadership team:

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