Scott Cornwall

Discover Scott Cornwall the COLOUR-EXPERT.

Scott Cornwall has gained world-wide recognition as a hair expert and award winning hair product innovator. Scott’s recognition and success was found with his creation of the ‘Hair Consultancy Method’ a unique set of principles and teachings that enable the individual to not only understand their hair type, but also the cuts, colours and looks that work exclusively for them.

As a product innovator, Scott identifies gaps in the hair retail market – which are preventing consumers achieving specific results or effects safely at home. Most notably, Scott established himself as a definitive name in retail technical hair products in 2008 when he launched his Hair Colour Removal kit into Boots UK stores.

Scott Cornwall’s range of specialised products has been designed to help prepare hair for colour, remove unwanted colours and restore colour.
Available from Priceline, Coles and Chemist Warehouse (range varies from store to store).

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