Hand Helpers

Love me tender….

Girls and ladies alike won’t stop until they collect every one of these super cute hand cream characters by Hand Helpers.

From washing up, handling hot hair dryers, and hours of typing, your hands are tireless heroes. Used often, yet easily forgotten in your daily beauty routines. Instead, much time and money are spent on lip glosses, exfoliators, and hair heat protectants.

Well there’s a gorgeous way to remind yourself that caring for your hands today will avoid wrinkled rough hands in your 30s, 40s, and even 50s. Introducing Hand Helpers: Raccoon, Bear, Panda, Tiger, and Monkey…

These adorable characters are loaded with Vitamin E and shea butter to quickly soften and protect hands, with exquisite fragrances to keep you smelling heavenly throughout day. So your hands will stay soft, smell good, and feel comfortable every day, especially during harsh winters and summers.

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