Colour Addict

Colour me bold

Women everywhere will be loading up their hair collection with this ingenious range of hair chalk products including spray chalk, colour discs, and liquid chalk pens.

As beautiful as natural hair can be, it can feel as boring and as uninspiring as a uniform. A far cry from the catwalk hair trends of rainbow hues, pretty pastels, and brightly coloured locks. Well now, you can instantly wear the catwalk look without the commitment – while expressing your playful, confident, fun loving self at every chance you get.

Get the party started in your hair with vibrant shades of blue, purple, pink, red, or green. In the car, at school, work, or home, it’s a quick and mess-free affair to put on. And all it takes is a simple wash or wipe off to transform back to your natural hair.

Whether you’re out on a shopping trip or getting ready for a night out, keep your most brilliant style secret conveniently tucked away in your make-up bag.

From a brand known for creating clever on trend colour products every woman will want to own.

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