For when you need accuracy and peace of mind.

The Acutemp Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer monitors human and object temperatures in the home. The non-contact design makes this thermometer easy to use and more hygienic than traditional thermometers. With accuracy that you can trust, the Acutemp thermometer is gentle & discreet enough to use on a sleeping baby. The measurements taken with the thermometer are comparable to oral readings.

Benefits of Acutemp Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer:
• No Cross Contamination
• No Probe Covers
• No Germs
• Totally Hygienic
• Ergonomic, One Handed Operation
• Easier to Use than Oral and other invasive thermometers
• Built in Memory

Use for:
• Sleeping Babies
• Bath water
• Babies Bottles
• Heating Food

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